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News – Poster and Stills for Horror Comedy Revenant

Want to see how the undead live? Check out the poster and trailer for Revenant , the highly anticipated horror comedy about a fallen soldier who somehow finds he has joined the ranks of the living dead!

Zombie Month 2011 – Movies That Weren’t

I knew from the first moment I saw this poster that it would be the ultimate poster (hmmm, penultimate sounds so cool, but isn’t the final one. Ultimate doesn’t sound nearly as cool as penultimate. We need a better word for the last one. Climultimate?) Seems kinda lame now to even be bothered saying something [...]

Zombie Month 2011 – Habit #23

“Live” Free or Die

Zombie Month 2011 – Movies That Weren’t

It is hard not to have something Ghostbustery without that nostalgic feeling of awesomeness creeping in. While this isn’t the best poster or the most creative, it gets bonus points just for that. And after IDW did the Zombie Infestation story in GhostBusters earlier this year, it makes this one seem all the more potential. [...]

Zombie Month 2011 – Habit #22

Remember, It’s Just Stuff Zombies never try and keep up with the Jones’s. Well, unless they are chasing them trying to eat them that is. Does any of your stuff really matter in the long run? Well, My books do. So do my movies.And my Sandman statutes. Really partial to my Cthulhu bobblehead. And this [...]

Zombie Month 2011 – Movies That Weren’t

An absolutely marvelous update of a classic movie. Romantic Zombie Comedy taken to new heights.

Zombie Month 2011 – Habit #21

“Fair and Balanced” My Rotting Zombie Ass

Zombie Month 2011 – Movies That Weren’t

The debate of which Bond is best rages ever on. But Connery fought them while Moore succumbed to them. You make the call.

Zombie Month 2011 – Movies That Weren’t

  How is it that James Bond has never dealt with Zombies. Talk about a great potential Zombie Killer. He would rock in this role. Although him getting the girl would be an entirely odd matter.

Zombie Month 2011 – Movies That Weren’t

Who doesn’t have fond memories of the 80′s action era of movies. Such over the top dramatics. And this one would of course feature Danny Devito becoming a zombie. Now that would be worth the price of admission (and for those who don’t remember (old age is a bitch) or those too young (jerks) the [...]