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Blog – Halloween day 2

A little something different for today’s video. Oh yeah, did i mention that I am going to post a different video I find every day? No, well consider it mentioned now. For today I wanted to jump to the X-Files. One of my all time favorite tv shows (I won’t mention my love for the [...]

News – Chris Carter Returns with Unique Supernatural TV Show

I was a really intense X-Files fan, I wasn’t too impressed with the 2008 Movie Sequel X-Files: I Want to Believe and I had given up on any further X-Files fun. There is good news however, X-Files creator Chris Carter is returning to TV with a female lead police show with a supernatural element and there is more [...]

Music Review – The X-Files: I Want to Believe Soundtrack

Scores are hard to review. This disc calls itself a soundtrack, but it is really a score. Mark Snow does a wonderful job as always. His music is interesting and well done. However, something was missing in this. The original theme. How can you have an X-Files cd without the original theme playing on it [...]