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News – Iconic Horror Legend, Wes Craven Dies

It is a sad day for horror fans, according to Variety,Legendary horror director Wes Craven, known for the “Scream” films and “Nightmare on Elm Street,” died Sunday in his Los Angeles home of brain cancer. He was 76.The versatile director also wrote and produced features, directed for television and wrote novels.Craven’s first feature was the [...]

News – Iconic New Scream Mask Revealed for MTV Adaption

The MTV adaptation of Scream has been in production since June of 2012. Three years later, the show will debut on June 30, 2015.The question is, will it be worth the wait? Season 1 will consist of 10 episodes. Wes Craven’s iconic horror movie franchise from the 90s, Scream, makes the jump from the movie [...]

News – MTV Announces Scream TV Series

Are you a fan of the Scream franchise? Do you watch a lot of TV, if you answered yes to both questions, you are in luck. MTV has just announced a new TV series based on Scream, the famous slasher film series! Read past the break for the announcement and a trailer for the original [...]

News – Craven and Niles Team Up for Coming of Rage

2013 is looking like a great year for us Horror fans, the latest good news is that Wes Craven (A Nightmare on Elm Street) and Steve Niles (30 Days of Night) are teaming up on a new graphic novel entitled Coming of Rage,which will be adapted into a horror movie.

News – TV Spot for Scre4m

I am on the fence for the new Scream installment, it is no longer a trilogy, but is  now a quadrilogy.  Nevertheless the hype is happening and there is a new TV spot called ‘Someone is Recreating the Terror! ‘ Well, if they didn’t there wouldn’t be a new Scream movie now would there?

News – Wes Craven: The Man and his Nightmares by John Wooley

Absolutely one of my favorite directors of horror movies is Wes Craven, from The Last House on the Left which he directed in 1972 all the way to 2011′s Scream 4, every film has left an indelible mark in horror history. From where does Mr. Craven summon his muses? John Wooley may just give us [...]

News – New Full Length Trailer for Scream 4

The official full length trailer for Wes Craven’s Scream 4 has hit the web. The movie looks like it will be fun, like most of the previous Scream installments, not sure it will be worth going to the theater and paying the big bucks. It looks like a stay at home, pop popcorn and watch [...]

News – Scream 4 Plot Synopsis Revealed

There are possible spoilers, so if you don’t want to know, don’t click ‘Read More’. There was a special screening in Pennsylvania last week and the viewers were given the synopsis, so of course it is on the web. I just love the web, no secrets! Wes Craven’s Scream 4 will be in theaters April [...]