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News – Look for Trick ‘R Treat 2 Next Halloween

Are you a fan of Trick ‘R Treat which was released in 2007? If so, you are in for a great Halloween treat! Michael Dougherty had a recent interview where he says there will be a sequel and then he talks about what to expect: “There are different archetypes I’d like to explore, different types [...]

News – Big Badz Digital Graphic Novel

Platinum Studios announced today that the entertainment company will release the werewolf action-horror story BIG BADZ as a digital graphic novel on Apple’s iOS, Android, Nook, Kindle and other standard formats.

News – New TV Spot for Underworld: Awakening

A new TV spot has just hit the web for the fourth installment in the Underworld franchise. Look for the film in theaters Janurary 20th.

News – Dog Soldiers: Legacy Web Series

Neil Marshall’s Dog Soldiers is one of the best werewolf films ever made in my opinion. The good news is that there is a sequel in production and in preparation for the sequel they have unleashed a web series, Dog Soldiers: Legacy to get us geared up and excited for the film. The first installment [...]

News – Underworld 4: Awakening Trailer

I don’t know how I am going to fare, slipping in news about vampires and werewolves when the zombies are the dominate creature around here lately, but here goes! Mans Marlind and Bjorn Stein’s Underworld: Awakening is due out January 20, 2012 and the first trailer has debuted on the web. If you can pull [...]

Book Review – Ebon Moon by Dennis McDonald

A funny thing has happened recently in the horror genre. Vampires and Werewolves alike have become tame. They aren’t very scary lately. Shows like True Blood and the Twilight series are a big factor in that. Turning these creatures into charismatic and romantic figures does a disservice to the genre in some ways. But this [...]

News – MTV’s Horror Comedy Death Valley Trailer

Viewers will be taken to a place they’ve never been before, with MTV’s new horror-comedy Death Valley. The scripted series follows the ‘Undead Task Force’ (UTF), a newly formed division of the LAPD, documentary-style, as they capture the monsters that roam the streets of California’s San Fernando Valley. In a world where vampires, werewolves and [...]

TV Review – Being Human Season 1

Wow, this show… wow. Contemporary supernatural drama about George and Mitchell, a pair of perennial outsiders. Working in the anonymous drudgery of the local hospital, they live lives of quiet desperation – because Mitchell is a vampire and George is a werewolf. Deciding to turn over a new leaf, they move into a house together, [...]

TV Review – Being Human – 1×06

If Mitchell recovers from being staked through the chest, he knows he’ll have to confront Herrick once and for all.

TV Review – Being Human – 1×05

Mitchell has turned his back on humanity and is back with the vampires – have George and Annie lost their friend forever? Elsewhere, Annie has her mind set on revenge.