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News – Promo Video for Walking Dead Season 3

This show doesn’t need much hype, Walking Dead has loads of fans including myself. If you want a peek at Season 3, read past the break for a new promo video!

News – Walking Dead Season 3 Sneak Peek: Zombie Tour

This weekend is The Walking Dead Season 3 sneak peak weekend which means that all day today and tomorrow all 19 episodes of season 1 and season 2 of The Walking Dead are playing on AMC and in between you will be getting sneak peeks of Season 3. We have a sneak peek of the [...]

News – The Walking Dead Season 2

We all know it is coming. And we all can’t wait for it. But we have to. Season two of the Walking Dead is finally on the way. But it isn’t here yet. And while we were all patiently waiting, some were a bit more impatient. Someone decided to make their very own trailer for [...]

News – The Walking Dead the Game(s) take 2 (errr 3)

I find it interesting that Abs seems to have some telepathic insight into the news on my mind. I heard about The Walking Dead Game and wanted to mention it. Lo and behold I look and see that as usual she has beaten me to the punch. I didn’t read her item last night though. [...]

News – Horror Comic Witch Doctor

Medicine meets the Supernatural!  Witch Doctor, the first original comic published by Robert Kirkman’s Image Comics’ Skybound imprint, will debut 29 June 2011. There is a zero issue preview of Witchdoctor out today in issue 85 of Walking Dead.

News – 9th Annual Rondo Hatton Award Winners Announced

The restored version of the 1925 silent film Metropolis and the popular zombie franchise The Walking Dead each were double winners Wednesday in the 9th Annual Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Awards, a fan-based recognition of the best in classic horror, science fiction and fantasy.

News – Stephen King and Son to Write Episode of The Walking Dead

AMC’s The Walking Dead has taken on an undead life of its own and now the king of horror, Stephen King and his son and protege, Joe Hill ( born Joseph Hillstrom King) are planning on joining evil forces and writing an episode of the series! Awesome news for the series and the fans!

News – Golden Globes get bloody

Well the big award news within the horror industry comes from the Golden Globes. It’s not often that mainstream awards ceremonies have much to say about anything in the horror industry. But that is slowly changing.

TV Review – The Walking Dead – 1×01 – Days Gone By

Nice start to the pilot episode. Little girl zombie shot in the head. Lets us all know that there won’t be any punches pulled in this story. You have been warned. I have to give a disclaimer here. I have been a fan of the Walking Dead for 6 years now. So I may be [...]

Comic Review – The Walking Dead #50 by Robert Kirkman

I am torn on how to review this comic. I want people to get out there and read these stories. Robert Kirkman has created a zombie tale that dwarves all zombie tales previously told.