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News – Voltaire to Adapt Oh My Goth as a Horror Musical

If you take a dash of horror, a little rock n’roll, and sprinkle with a bit of wicked humor, you might just conjure up one of my favorite performers, Voltaire. He is spreading his wings and adapting his comic Oh My Goth into a horror musical. Read on for the juicy details.

Blog – Day 13: Your tears are all the pay I’ll ever need

The inherent problem with doing a daily blog of awesome videos is that I begin to sound like a broken record. Everything I post in my video a day quest is something I find awesome. Or incredible. Or on an off day simply amazing.Today I wanted to post a Voltaire song “When You’re Evil.” This [...]

Music Review – Voltaire: To the Bottom of the Sea

The newest release by one of my favorite artists, Voltaire, was actually not what I expected.  The music itself is great, the songs as unique and creative as ever.  Several songs definitely held a dark theme, though the music is still lively and fun. But why on Earth did he title the album “To the [...]