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News – New TV Spot for Underworld: Awakening

A new TV spot has just hit the web for the fourth installment in the Underworld franchise. Look for the film in theaters Janurary 20th.

News – Underworld 4: Awakening Trailer

I don’t know how I am going to fare, slipping in news about vampires and werewolves when the zombies are the dominate creature around here lately, but here goes! Mans Marlind and Bjorn Stein’s Underworld: Awakening is due out January 20, 2012 and the first trailer has debuted on the web. If you can pull [...]

News – Underworld 4: New Dawn Begins Production

Finally some definite news about Underworld 4! I am a big fan of the franchise and am not the least bit jealous of Kate Beckinsale, (well maybe just a little!). I think the vampires and lycans are protrayed intelligently and eloquently in the fantasy Underworld and I am so glad Kate is returning to reprise [...]