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Little Blog of Horrors – Triskaidekablog – 5 Stars of Yesterday

Looking back on the history of my time with Horror-Web I decided that today’s Triskaidekablog would be about the 13 best things I had reviewed for the site. This is going old school, so these are all reviews that had been done for the “old” site Horror-Web. This was a time when 5 star was [...]

Little Blog of Horrors – Triskaidekablog – 13 ways that Horror-Web will be bigger and better in 2013

I can attribute this word being added to my lexicon to Clive Barker. Not directly to him, but absolutely indirectly. I had been buying the Hellraiser comics since they were first put out in 1989, and when they reached issue 13 they dubbed it a “Special Triskaidekaphobic Issue.” Being a lifelong horror fan, I didn’t [...]