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Movie Review – The Thing

John Carpenter’s The Thing was made in the early 80s and is a remake of a 1951 film by a chap named Howard Hawks. Both films are based on a story written by John W. Campbell, Jr. called “Who Goes There?” I will not warn about spoilers for a movie almost 30 years old. Just [...]

Movie Review – They Live

They Live is based on a 1963 short story entitled “Eight O’Clock in the Morning”, by Ray Nelson. Carpenter wrote the screenplay under a pseudonym he gave to a character in the movie, named after a character in an HP Lovecraft story. There are already tons of insightful reviews of this movie on the Internet, [...]

Movie Review – Village of the Damned

This review is the first in a series of 4 John Carpenter throwback reviews. These movies came as part of a 4-disc set of Carpenter films currently being sold in stores. I wrote these reviews because JimmyZ said four will get me listed on the site as “Staff”. With an appropriately fabricated summary paragraph, no [...]