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News – Trailer for Ti West’s The Innkeepers

‘Some guests never check out’ is the tagline for Ti West’s The Innkeepers, a horror-thriller centered on the last two employees at a haunted hotel that’s going out of business.

News – The ABCs of Death a Movie Anthology

Alamo Drafthouse Films has come up with a great new idea for a movie. I can’t tell you how excited I am to be reporting on an original idea, it is not a remake, sequel or in 3-D (at least not at this point)! Kudos to you Alamo Drafthouse Films for giving us fans a [...]

News – New Poster for Innkeepers

I live in Texas, and the SXSW festival in Austin is a pretty big thing. Lots of music and cinema. There are quite a few horror entries in the film fest and Ti West’s (The House of the Devil) new film, The Innkeepers is premiering at SXSW this month and Dark Sky has released an [...]