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Movie Review – The Thing (prequel)

I am hearing mixed things from people about the concept of this movie. It seems that many people think remaking Carpenter’s excellent film is blasphemous. Never mind that Carpenter was remaking a film himself. But then the reality is that Carpenter reimagined the film, not truly doing a remake. The new one isn’t even remotely [...]

Movie Review – The Thing

John Carpenter’s The Thing was made in the early 80s and is a remake of a 1951 film by a chap named Howard Hawks. Both films are based on a story written by John W. Campbell, Jr. called “Who Goes There?” I will not warn about spoilers for a movie almost 30 years old. Just [...]

News – The Thing (Prequel?) Poster and Trailer

I have been intrigued by this story for some time. We have all seen John Carpenter’s The Thing (if not, go pick it up on your way home from work slacker.) It starts out with a team arriving to the remains of an incident. The early word on the new movie was that it was [...]

Blog – 30 Days of Horror Movies Challenge – JimmyZ Day 17

Day 17 – Your favorite horror film remake