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News – A Sequel in the Works for The Conjuring

The Conjuring has been dominating the box office and has made more than a hundred million, so naturally a sequel will be in the works, AICN got a scoop on the story which it will be based on. Take a quick peek past the break, we are sharing it for free!

News – The Conjuring Brings Nightmares to Farm’s Occupants

The movie The Conjuring has not only brought terror to the theater, it is causing nightmares for the current owners of the 1730′s farm house in which the hauntings occurred. Previous owners of the home, the Perron family, are the subjects of the movie. According to local newspapers, Norma Sutcliffe does not believe in ghosts [...]

Music Review – The Conjuring Soundtrack

I have yet to see The Conjuring. I did however read Andrea Perron’s book, House of Darkness House of Light that the movie was based on, so I listened to The Conjuring soundtrack without seeing all the thrilling visuals in the movie but knowing the basic story. I perhaps should have waited to see the [...]

Movie Review – The Conjuring

Hauntings and demonic possession movies are such a tricky business. Trying to make it scary without being hokey is not an easy task. James Wan is quite adept at rising to the needs of just such a task. To read the full review follow the LINK