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News – Horror Anthology Channel Zero Coming to SyFy

Syfy is heading into the anthology horror game with a series called Channel Zero, from creators Nick Antosca (Hannibal, Friday The 13th) and Max Landis (Chronicle, American Ultra). The first season is born out of internet horror, basically making for a creepypasta TV series, there are more details after the break.

News – Dark Matter on SyFy June 12

Hey, it’s summer and I know you are looking for something cool to watch on tv, SyFy is premiering their space mystery series Dark Matter starting this Friday June 12th and we have the trailer for you to check out past the break!

News – The Sixth Gun TV Series

Sometimes news breaks before it has a chance to break officially. This is one of those cases. There are like three people that don’t know about Comic Con this weekend. Comic scribe and prose author Cullen Bunn is out there doing multiple duty. He is newly exclusive as a Marvel writer (basically means he can’t [...]

Movie Review – Mega Piranha

Mega Piranha takes the idea of vicious man eating little fish and cranks up the meter on it. What could be scarier than vicious man eating fish? How about ginormous man eating fish. That is the premise that the Sy-Fy channel started with.

News – Ghost Hunters International New Season Premiere January 5th

Many ghost hunters and paranormal investigators across the United States (and other countries) live their dreams of investigating foreign and exotic places through the eyes of the SyFy Channel’s Ghost Hunters International team.  What better way to sample some of the most haunted locations found around the world!