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Subtitled Saturday Movie Review – Last Supper

A man brings a woman into his home and slowly begins caressing and massaging her. Bringing a pleasure to her that we can feel by the look on her face. The sexual arousal between the two of them is palpable. Seductively he tells her that he wants to eat her and she agrees. Moments later [...]

Subtitled Saturday Movie Review – Troll Hunter

Trolls have been part of myths and fairytales for as long as tales have been told. And yet they have managed to stay out of the mainstream movie spotlight (for the most part) until recently. Troll Hunter takes the myths and fables and plants them squarely in modern day society.

Subtitled Saturday Movie Review – Sleep Tight

Sleep Tight. A phrase we have all used more times than we can count. Most often followed by the words “and don’t let the bedbugs bite!” Is there any hidden meaning behind those words though? An archaic meaning of tight is soundly, which makes sense in that context. It is what we all know it [...]

Subtitled Saturday Movie Review – Martyrs

This is the first of the Subtitled Saturday entries. Every Saturday there will be a featured review of a subtitled movie. Next week will be Sleep Tight, make sure you come back to check that one out.) To say this isn’t a movie for the squeamish is like saying saying King Kong is a movie [...]