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News – Under the Bed Red Band Trailer

We all know where the scariest monsters live…. Under our BEDS! Upcoming on VOD on July 3rd and limited theatrical on July 19th and finally DVD on July 30th is Steven C. Miller’s Under the Bed! Every child knows about the monster under the bed—Neal Hausman’s mistake was trying to fight it. Check past the [...]

News – Clip and Featurette for Silent Night

Tomorrow, November30th is the debut for the Silent Night remake! We have a clip and a featurette to get you worked up into a Slasher Christmas frenzy. Check it out past the break!

News – Ring in the Holidays With Steven C. Miller’s Silent Night

Don’t you just hate it when the stores put out Christmas decorations before Halloween has even begun! This post is nothing like that, we are just carrying Halloween all the way to December! If you think Halloween is the scariest time of the year, then you need to ring in the Holidays the Anchor Bay [...]

News – Classic Horror Silent Night, Deadly Night to be Remade by Anchor Bay

We are months away from Christmas, but we can still drool over the Holiday horrors like Black Christmas, Jack Frost, and yes, even Gremlins. Well it looks like Santa is going on another killing spree as Anchor Bay is planning on remaking the Christmas horror classic, Silent Night, Deadly Night!

News – Indie Horror Under the Bed

It is always great to see fellow genre lovers delve even further into the pit of horror. Although I don’t know Brad Miska personally, I do admire him and his alter-ego Mr. Disgusting, who have enlightened me greatly over the years about horror movies, how they roll, what to expect, who is starring and even [...]