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News – Comic Con Exclusives From Frank Forte and Asylum Press

Are you heading out to Comic Con this weekend, if you are, here is a fantastic heads up! Frank Forte/Asylum Press will be set up ay Booth #1528 at Comic Con International 2015. They will be selling exclusive silkscreened art prints. Check out the details past the break!

News – Fearless Dawn: Jurassic Jungle Boogie Nights #1 Available in Comic Shops Now

Asylum Press announces Fearless Dawn: Jurassic Jungle Boogie Nights #1 is for sale in comic shops as of December 12th. Synopsis: Steve Mannion’s fighting mad badgirl FEARLESS DAWN is back and better than ever in this Dinosaurrific tale of Action and Adventure! OUR STORY THUS FAR- It’s World War Two and the Nazis are threatening [...]

News – Steve Mannions 2nd Kickstarter Comic Project ~ Fearless Dawn: Hard Times

Although Steve Mannion’s fighting mad bad girl falls on hard times in this latest installment of Fearless Dawn, the project itself is experiencing good times on Kickstarter reaching its goal within the first 24 hours of being launched as well as being selected as a “staff pick”!

News – Fearless Dawn: an Animated Comic for the iPad

Asylum Press and Visionborne are collaborating with the use of Airmid technology to produce animated comics for the iPad. Fearless Dawn (a four issue series) will be the first of many titles to be released.