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News – Dream Works to Develop Michael Crichton’s Micro

A bit of sci-fi news for all our horror fans: Blending elements of this summer’s massive hit Jurassic World with the size-changing special effects fun of Marvel’s upcoming Ant-Man, DreamWorks Studios has just announced that they have acquired the film rights to the Michael Crichton novel Micro. Frank Marshall is on board to produce, with [...]

Movie Review – Jaws

Jaws is 1975 classic horror film, that started me in my terror years. My original thought was that it was Steven Spielberg, so the movie would be less about fear and more about science fiction or drama. It was a great surprise when I sat down and saw blood and carcasses. How does fear of [...]

News – New Trailer for Super 8

I just recently heard about this movie and could not find very much about it except a teaser that looked quite interesting.  Super 8 looked to be  more of a scifi movie than horror, until I watched the newest trailer. It looks pretty scary! I must warn you the synopsis reveals a little more about [...]