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News – Spider Baby Available on Blu-Ray Now

Oh yeah, Baby. Arrow Video has released world-wide its Blu-ray edition of Spider Baby, the cult classic known as the maddest story every told. Their DVD edition is available in the UK. Read past the break for a trailer and Blu-ray specs!

News – The Next Evolution of Horror: Mimesis

Why watch a horror movie when you can live one? That is the question posed by Anchor Bay’s Mimesis, billed as the next evolution in horror. Already a critical and fan favorite at many notable film festivals, Mimesis aims to show you the true horror of a night among the living dead by showing you [...]

News – New Teaser for Rob Zombie’s Lords of Salem

Rob Zombie has made a teaser for his film Lords of Satan and guess what, no hard hitting rock, instead he has scored with classical Mozart and it works, the teaser is awesome. Read past the break to check out the teaser and more!

News – Sid Haig Stars in Devil in My Ride

Demonic possession seems to be the flavor of the day for a lot of horror lately, and that is cool. Now it is time to lighten up the subject a little with Gary Michael Schultz’s Devil in My Ride, starring Sid Haig! Read on for a sneak peek

News – Sid Haig to Attend Mimesis Premiere

Sid Haig will be attending the U.S. red carpet premiere of one of his latest films, Mimesis, at the Blue Water Film Festival in Port Huron, Michigan.

News – Saturday Nightmares Expo June 3-5th

Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds is one of my favorite films. I just found out that the star of The Birds, Tippi Hedrin is making an appearance at Saturday Nightmares Expo in East Rutherford, New Jersey this summer along with numerous other horror faves like Sid Haig, Doug Bradley and Ken Foree. Read past the break [...]

News – Texas Frightmare Weekend Reveals More Guests

The line-up for Texas Frightmare Weekend ( is near bursting with the addition of Sid Haig, James Hampton (Teen Wolf, Sling Blade) and Mimi Michaels (Chromeskull: Laid to Rest).