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Book Review – Ad Nauseam by C.W. Lasart

Ad Nauseam is a collection of thirteen short horror stories by writer C.W. Lasart, who has been published in several small press publications. The tales range from weird to scary to horrific, with a little erotica thrown in the mix.

Book Review – Blood Feud by Cullen Bunn

When I was given this book to review, I was a little hesitant.  Another vampire story?  Aren’t there enough of those?  But I like Cullen’s writing, so I decided to forge ahead.  At least they weren’t sparkly vampires, right?

Book Review – Bigfoot War 2: Dead in the Woods by Eric S. Brown

I first read Bigfoot War a few months ago, and was blown away by it. Eric S. Brown took the Bigfoot legend and gave it a wonderfully evil twist. These were real monsters, not the cuddly teddy-bear-like creatures as depicted in the comedy “Harry and the Hendersons.” No, these Bigfeet terrorize and slaughter the town [...]

Book Review – The Shallow End of the Pool by Adam Troy Castro

Divorce is rampant these days; almost 40 percent of couples divorce. Many have children. There are bitter custody battles, legal battles, fighting and most of all, the children are the ones who are the most damaged. But what if there were a way to settle differences without involving all that? What if you could fight [...]

Book Review – Bleed by Ed Kurtz

  It’s 1923, and a little girl lies awake in her bed, terrified, knowing her father is on his way to have his way with either her or her sister Agnes. Although relieved when it’s Agnes he picks on this night, she’s sad Agnes has to endure her father’s abuse. She sneaks out and gets [...]