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News – Resident Evil 5(ish)

Resident Evil seems to be the franchise that just won’t die. Rather fitting given the nature of the story. As zombie series go, these have managed to continue to entertain both on the silver screen and in your console game system. So what’s the latest news?

News – Nothing is Final for Final Destination

I don’t minds sequels, really I don’t. At least not until they get past the 3rd or 4th, then I start to get a little annoyed. Just how far do they think they can take a franchise without losing the character and beauty of the original film. I thought the original film Final Destination was [...]

News – Nightmare Before Christmas sequel

This information is entirely too good to let slip by without commenting. I realize it isn’t firm and official yet. But even just as a rumour it is incredible news. It comes as an exclusive from Dread Central