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News – First Teaser for Silent Hill: Revelations

2012 San Diego Comic-Con alway brings the best goodies for horror fans, this year fans were treated to the first footage of Silent Hill: Revelations featuring a group of undead demon nurses and cast members, Adelaide Clemens and Kit Harington. Nothing and I mean nothing in Silent Hill is real or pleasant and when you’ve [...]

Movie Review – The Hitcher

Ok, stop me if you heard this one before; a guy and his girlfriends are driving down a lonesome highway in the middle of the night to meet some friends. On the way there they end up picking up a shady looking character that causes our heroes an infinite amount of trouble. If this isn’t [...]

News – Medieval Horror Black Death

I love period pieces, movies with a vast expanse of history and landscape. It is unusual to find my other love, horror to be creatively sewn into a period piece. The only one that comes to mind is Sweeney Todd: Demon Barber of Fleet Street although I am sure there are more. When I found [...]