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News – Glitter and Mayhem has Officially Arrived

  The party of the year has landed. Put on your derby skates, apply the glitter dust, and prepare yourself for excitement, thrills, and twisted imaginations.Glitter & Mayhem has officially arrived! 120,000 words, 346 pages, and one book full of science fiction & fantasy fun!

News – Hozon: Achieving New Heights for Indie Action

Thrilling action, electrified zombies, and one unfathomable mission—HOZON breaks the limits of low-budget filmmaking in a universal story of survival by any means necessary. This Sci-fi / Horror film shows the lengths that a CEO will go to ensure that his family lives. With no other viable options at his disposal, this CEO must lead [...]

News – Horror/Sci-Fi Author Richard Matheson Dies at 87

The horror/SciFi world has lost a legend. Renowned SF, fantasy, and horror writer Richard Matheson, 87, died June 23, 2013 at his home. Matheson is the author of classic SF novels I Am Legend (1954) and The Shrinking Man (1956), among numerous other books. Many of his iconic works have become abiding parts of popular [...]

News – Hyper Nocturnal: A Horror Sci-Fi Radio Play

Horror and sci-fi are two genres that are connected at the hip, they often bleed into each other with great finesse. Hyper Nocturnal is a prime example of that. Let’s see… a space ship that is demonically possessed! How’s that for bleeding genres?? We have the trailer for Hyper Nocturnal, a Horror Sci-Fi Radio Play, [...]

News – Florida Supercon This Weekend, July 1-4, 2011

Florida Supercon is this weekend! The party starts Friday! Get ready for FSC 2011 July 1-4, 2011 in Miami, FL.

Comic Review – Aliens

I wasn’t even aware this was out. Managed to get all 4 issues from a fine comic shop in St. Louis a couple days ago (not my fault if you read this months after I wrote it, at the time I am writing it it was a couple days ago!) My sleep schedule on Fridays [...]