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Book Review – Hell’s Door by Sandy DeLuca

Review by Frank Errington: A serial killer is stalking Providence, killing mostly prostitutes. Detectives Lacey Powers and John Demmings have a pretty good idea who’s responsible, but lack evidence to make an arrest. They go undercover to keep a close eye on the proprietor of Hell’s Door, Ramsey Wolfe, a notorious pimp who rules her [...]

News – 99¢ E-Books in Celebration of Aleister Crowley’s Birthday

Next Friday (October 12) is Aleister Crowley’s 137th birthday. Known as the Great Beast, the Beast 666 or the most evil man in the world (among many other derogatory names), Crowley is the author of essays like “The Lost Continent”, poetry books as “Rodin in Rime” (named after the sculptor for whom Crowley felt genuine [...]