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News – Are You Ready for Death House?

Death House is a horror movie lover’s wet dream and it looks like it may be happening for REAL! All of our favorite horror icons in one film! “The Four Horsemen are the most notorious serial killers of all time. Robert Englund’s weapon of choice is fire; Gunnar Hansen has an unquenchable thirst for human [...]

News – Robert Englund Stars in Inkubus

Get ready to face your demons and look for the VOD and DVD release of the feature film Inkubus, a gruesome slasher flick starring horror icon Robert Englund (the original Freddy Krueger) on February 21st.

News – Strippers vs. Werewolves trailer

I know the world has a fascination with strippers (or about half of it anyway), but why oh why has someone decided that they make for good concepts as horror movies?  Did anyone actually think that Zombie Strippers had even a shred of quality to it? Oh, but if they get Robert Englund to star [...]

News – Eighth Annual Rock and Shock Horror Convention

  How can  you not love a Horror Con with a name like Rock and Shock, a Massachusettes horror convention that combines the best in horror with the best in Rock and Roll! Rock and Shock will be infesting the DCU Center and The Palladium in Worcester, Massachusettes, October 14-16, 2011 and headlining will be none other [...]

News – Robert Englund to Headline 2011 Festival of Fear

  Robert Englund, otherwise known to us horror fans as Freddy Krueger will be sitting atop an esteemed confection of horror royalty like a big bloody cherry when Canada’s national horror expo, the Rue Morgue Festival of Fear, hits Toronto, August 25 – 28. Read on for a list of other great horror celebs and [...]

News – Call of Duty Black OPS: Call of the Dead Loaded with Horror Talent

The upcoming “Escalation” map-pack for Call of Duty: Black Ops information was released today and listen up you zombie lovers! The talent line-up featured in the new zombie map coming with the forthcoming downloadable content, “Call of the Dead”, which is “inspired” by George A. Romero,  features the likeness and voices of Danny Trejo, Sarah-Michelle Gellar, [...]

News – Texas Frightmare Weekend Reveals More Guests

The line-up for Texas Frightmare Weekend ( is near bursting with the addition of Sid Haig, James Hampton (Teen Wolf, Sling Blade) and Mimi Michaels (Chromeskull: Laid to Rest).