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Book Review – Fresh Fear: Contemporary Horror Edited By William Cook

Review by Angela C.: FRESH FEAR: Contem­porary Horror is a collection of horror from some of the genre’s best writers of dark fiction. This collection has no central theme other than the story’s ability to scare the hell out of the reader! Tales steeped in psychological horror sit alongside visions of strange worlds and inner [...]

News – 99¢ E-Books in Celebration of Aleister Crowley’s Birthday

Next Friday (October 12) is Aleister Crowley’s 137th birthday. Known as the Great Beast, the Beast 666 or the most evil man in the world (among many other derogatory names), Crowley is the author of essays like “The Lost Continent”, poetry books as “Rodin in Rime” (named after the sculptor for whom Crowley felt genuine [...]

News – Free for your Kindle: Robert Dunbar’s Martyrs & Monsters

The Autumnal Equinox is Saturday, September 22nd. Celebrate the season of the witch with a free Kindle download of Robert Dunbar’s Martyrs & Monsters, but hurry, offer ends September 25th! Read on for the details!

News – Free E-book: Wood by Robert Dunbar

Wood, A novella by Robert Dunbar, author of  The Pines  and Martyrs and Monsters  will be free for Kindle download from June 1st through June 5th.  It can’t get any better than that, read past the break to read a synopsis, watch a trailer and find a download link, all for free!!