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News – Zombie Pirates Available on DVD Now

If you are a fan of B-horror, zombies or pirates, you may just be excited about this one. From Steve Sessions comes Zombie Pirates. The trailer is so bad it is really good if you are into cheesy horror. I love cheese as much with my horror as I do pizza, so I will definitely [...]

News – Treasure Chest of Horrors

Here’s a new one, a No Budget Horror Anthology. I wonder how they managed that? Well never mind, they did and Treasure Chest of Horrors is full of zombies, vampires, Serial Killers, Killer Mannequins and my favorite… Pirates! Read on for a very cool trailer and synopsis. I don’t think you want to miss this [...]

News – Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

Captain Jack is back! Johnny Depp has never looked more Arrrrrrrrrrrrr! The  30 second TV spot aired during the Superbowl last night and now the Extended 1 minute trailer has just hit the web. Penelope Cruz joins the cast as the beautiful but tempestuous Angelica. Angelica is a character from Sparrow’s past, but handsome Jack [...]