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Book Review – Gathered Dust and Others by W.H. Pugmire

Review by Nick Montelongo: An aspiring writer inherits a house next to a graveyard which soon becomes his obsession. A man, on his way home from a party, makes a detour to a church ruin and discovers an unsettling secret. A sightseer finds an old railroad car and soon wishes he hadn’t. An aged bohemian [...]

Book Review – New Moon on the Water by Mort Castle

Review by Nick Montelongo: A brotherhood of psychopaths are waiting for the word to begin their reign of terror. A Nazi soldier finds himself embracing the ways of the gypsy. The lives of two American icons hold dark secrets. Mort Castle is one of the best horror writers around, which is exemplified in his collection [...]

The Nameless by Ramsey Campbell

Ramsey Campbell is one of the modern day masters of horror and The Nameless is another novel in the legacy he is leaving behind for the horror community. Follow the LINK

Book Review – Apparition by Michaelbrent Collings

Kari Wills has tried and failed to murder her children. Now her husband, Shane, struggles to make ends meet and to raise their son and daughter on his own, but they aren’t out of danger yet. The same force that worked through Kari hasn’t given up. A force that is cruel, sadistic, and insatiable.

Book Review – Ghost Story by Peter Straub

In the little town of Milburn, NY, a group old men gather weekly. They have been friends for a lifetime and have shared numerous experiences together. . . and secrets. One of them has died. Now an unknown force haunts the dreams of the survivors and each of them lives in fear. They do not [...]

Book Review – Obsession by Ramsey Campbell

Four teenagers encounter a letter which says, “Whatever you need the most I do. The price is something you do not value and which you may regain.” They fill out the forms, requesting what they need, which they inevitably get in unexpected and often gruesome ways. 25 years later, their lives are turned upside down [...]

Book Review – Perdition by Michaelbrent Collings

Ben Dirkson was leading an ideal life with a good career, the perfect wife, and child on the way. Now he has become subject to a cult’s attention; a cult that believes he is the next Anti-Christ. Now Ben is alone and trying to save his wife and unborn child from those who betrayed his [...]

Book Review – The Axeman Cometh by John Farris

The Axeman murdered Shannon’s family twenty years ago. Now, Shannon is alone and trapped in an elevator. A voice whispers to her that only heightens her panic. Is it the Axeman? But The Axeman is supposedly dead, but was never identified. Whatever she is up against, the danger she faces is very real, and it [...]

Book Review – Haunted by James Herbert

David Ash, a skeptical psychic investigator, has been invited by the Mariell family to their stately ancestral home to look into a suspected haunting. He wants to believe that there is a rational explanation to the disturbing occurrences he encounters in spite of almost dying more than once. He is not only blind to the [...]

Book Review – Psycho by Robert Bloch

  Perhaps this story is familiar to you: a woman steals a large amount of money from her employer in hopes of paying off her boyfriend’s debts. On her way, she stops at the Bates Motel for the night and meets Norman, the motel’s strange proprietor. That night she is murdered and now her sister [...]