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NEWS – Hellraiser 30th Anniversary soundtrack release

Hellraiser is one of my favorite movies, and the soundtrack is the first movie soundtrack I ever bought. A new version of this is absolutely at the top of my list of must have LPs. Follow the link for all the details!

News – Hellboy redux?

Surely you have already seen the new pictures. . .

News – Women in Horror Month 2016

There are some things that spring instantly to mind when we think of horror. Friday the 13th (both the movies and the date.) Halloween (again, both the movies and the date.) Stephen King (although for me Clive Barker comes first.) Zombies. Vampires. This list could easily go on for many paragraphs, because once you start [...]

News – Woman in Black 2

A couple years ago the first Woman in Black movie snuck up on everyone. It was a quiet and well done horror movie that Daniel Radcliffe used to show the world that he was more than just Harry Potter.  On Tuesday the sequel arrives on DVD and BluRay. If you haven’t checked out this franchise, [...]

News – Sharknado 3: Super Obsessed Fan Contest

SHARKNADO 3: SUPER OBSESSED FAN CONTEST Prove your fandom for a chance to be in the Sharknado making-of companion film Sharknado has turned into the biggest craze to hit SyFy since Battlestar Galactica and right now you have a chance to be part of the craze.

News – The Lazarus Effect

Have you seen the trailers for the coming movie Lazarus Effect yet? It is still a couple weeks away from release, but for all those bemoaning the onslaught of remakes from Hollywood, check out the info and trailer past the jump!

News – Poltergeist Remake on the way

You may have already heard about this. The latest classic film to get the remake treatment is the beloved Poltergeist. The story of a family moving into a house so haunted it literally takes their youngest daughter from her bedroom into the spirit realm. Coming from director Sam Raimi just makes this remake all the [...]

News – Evil Dead Times Two

Prepare yourselves for a double barrel blast from the grooviest boomstick ever sold at S-Mart. Sure, not much of a tease there. You all know I am talking about Ash AKA Bruce Campbell AKA the star of the Evil Dead/Army of Darkness. But what is this double dose deal? Take the jump with me for [...]

News – Short Horror Film Kadence

This is a firm that is trying to complete a kickstarter campaign. It only has about a day left and is on the threshold of success. Less than $700 to go.  It looks promising, and is the type of horror story I like to see. Follow the jump for more details and to see the [...]

News – The Strain

Guillermo Del Toro has made a big name for himself with his theatrical movies. His foray into literature expanded his influence in the world of horror. And now his book series, The Strain, is coming to the small screen.