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Movie Review – Autumn

End of the world and the survivors gather, enter the clown. No really there is a clown within the first fifteen minutes of this British Canadian flop. Written and directed by Steven Rubelow, which he had adapted from the book written by David Moody. Autumn was a tedious avante garde zombie apocalypse movie. I watched [...]

Movie Review – Ripper: Letter from Hell

Intriguing and yet possibly the worst Canadian horror yet, Ripper is a well structured serial killer flick. It starts with a lone victim running through the woods and ending up on a boat, where she watches as the last two of her friends die gruesomely. Completely broken she starts the engine of the boat, later [...]

Movie Review – Pontypool

A strange word, Pontypool, isn’t it? Pontypool, Pontypool, P-o-n-t-y-p-o-o-l.  What is to truly understand a word? Pontypool is a film that takes horror to a different level; the horror of words. Pontypool, directed by Canadian Bruce McDonald and staring Stephen McHattie, Lisa Houle and Georgina Reilly, is a film that explores a virus attaching itself [...]

Movie Review – Evil Dead

One wild night with the Necronomicon and a recording of an archeologist’s instructions on how to use it, turns into a night of blood-gushing horror for Ash and his friends. This 1981 nightmare was envisioned by Sam Raimi; which was his first feature film that he had written, produced, and directed.