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News – New Teaser for Rob Zombie’s Lords of Salem

Rob Zombie has made a teaser for his film Lords of Satan and guess what, no hard hitting rock, instead he has scored with classical Mozart and it works, the teaser is awesome. Read past the break to check out the teaser and more!

News – First Image from Rob Zombie’s Lords of Salem

I am not a big tweeter, but I do check my Twitter account now and then to see if there is any good horror news lurking about in the shadows. I hit pay dirt today, Rob Zombie has released the first image from his new film Lords of Salem!

News – Rob Zombie’s Lords of Salem Update

A while back Rob Zombie was attached to The Blob remake, but dropped out to make Lord’s of Salem. The latest news on the film is that shooting will begin this spring.  Rob has written and will direct the film which is in association with Haunted Movies, the same guys that brought us Paranormal Activity. [...]