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News – Troma and Dylan Greenberg Bring you Wakers

Ahhhh, young genius always sparks my interest! Dylan Greenberg is currently the youngest full time employee at Troma Films. At age 17 she successfully she completed her my second feature film and her first film in the horror genre, WAKERS. which was made with the generous help of Troma films and includes appearances by Troma’s [...]

News – Horror Film Festival TromaDance

If you love horror, you know the fantastic Troma films and how we love to get in the right state of mind to REALLY enjoy them!, To celebrate their unique horror, the Troma Team is proud to announce that the 16th ALL FREE Tromadance Film Festival will take place on July 24 and 25, 2015, [...]

News – Horror Anthology: Horror House

Five stories, one house of horror. From Writer/Producer Kerry Marlowe and Director Evan Marlowe, the makers of Blood Rush, come five short stories in a horror anthology film, you may never forget. Read on for the details and trailer!