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Blog – Little Bunny Cthulhu

This is the original Little Bunny Cthulhu as created by Cullen Bunn and Brian Hurtt. It was the mascot for Cullen’s small press Undaunted Press. You can read about it here The follow up to it is that after Undaunted Press closed, I took over Horror-Web. At that time, Cullen and I discussed the [...]

News – Mystery of the Vampire Rabbit in Newcastle Upon Tyne

There is a very evil looking rabbit  on the façade of the Cathedral Buildings in Newcastle Upon Tyne which is a historic city on the eastern coast of Scotland . The grotesque fanged apparition can be found above an ornate doorway at the rear of the building. The rabbit appears to have fangs like a [...]

Happy Year of the Scary-Ass Rabbit

Happy Year of the Rabbit! February 3, 2011 kicked off the Year of the Rabbit in the Chinese Zodiac. People born in the year of the rabbit are said to be gracious, kind, sensitive, soft-spoken, and amiable — all round good guys, right? Little Bunny Cthulhu disagrees. We here at Horror-Web have a different opinion [...]

News – Happy New Year of the Rabbit

Today is the Chinese New Year 4709  and today the Tiger bows to the Rabbit. This year is also significant to us because of our own loveable rabbit Little Bunny Cthulhu. Horror-Web has gone through many changes over the last few years under the direction of the new owner Jimmy Z. He designed our favorite [...]