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News – Catch the Cooties from SpectreVision

Remember Gremlins, remember The Goonies?? Don’t dispair, now we have Cooties a horror-comedy that stars Elijah Wood, Rainn Wilson, Allison Pill, Saw/Insidious writer Leigh Whannell, and Glee scribe Ian Brennan as teachers whose prepubescent wards turn into blood-crazed zombie-fiends after eating suspect chicken nuggets. But this latest release from SpectreVision (the horror production company set [...]

News – Insidious Chapter 3 Trailer

One of the creepiest Franchises ever, Insidious Chapter 3 trailer is now online and we have it for you! Check it out past the break!

News – Look for Insidious Chapter 3 in 2015

It was announced today that Insidious Chapter 3, the second horror franchise created by James Wan and Leigh Whannell of Saw fame, will open in North America on April 3, 2015. The story is written by Leigh Whannell and there is no hint as to whether James Wan will return to direct. He has said [...]

News – New Clip for Insidious: Chapter 2

We have a new clip for Wan and Whannell’s Insidious: Chapter 2, it’s called Something’s Wrong, check it out past the break!

News – New Insidious Maze at Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights

The unsettling story of the Lambert family is coming to Universal Studios Hollywood’s Halloween Horror Nights, as Insidious: Into The Further transports guests to a dark realm where malevolent souls and demonic entities exist in the tormented existence of their past lives. Based on the 2010 horror thriller “Insidious” and the upcoming sequel “Insidious: Chapter [...]

News – Two New Featurettes for Insidious Chapter 2

Have you ever wondered about the dangers of Astral Projection? Check out the new featurette Into the Further from Insidious Chapter 2 and see how the family stays grounded in the movie with a commentary by James Wan in the Grounding the Horror featurette. It is all past the break!

News – Insidious Chapter 2 Trailer and Featurette

Were you a fan of Insidious, the 2010 film by the now famous horror duo Wan and Whannell? If so, like me you will be looking forward to Chapter 2 which follows the haunted Lambert family as they seek to uncover the mysterious childhood secret that has left them dangerously connected to the spirit world. [...]

Movie Review – Insidious

A young family makes the terrifying discovery that the body of their comatose boy has become a magnet for malevolent entities, while his consciousness lies trapped in the dark and insidious realm known as The Further.

News – Are You Haunted? Spectral Sightings Courtesy of Insidious

Are you haunted? Do you have the feeling there are ghosts following you? If you have ever experienced these creepy feelings, this is your lucky day!  Spectral Sightings just launched a new FB app that helps you discover if unwanted spirits are in your midst.

Movie Review – Dead Silence

Beware the stare of Mary Shaw, She has no children, only dolls. If you see her in your dreams, Be sure you never, ever scream. Dead Silence was creatively a follow up to the wildly successful Saw also created by James Wan and Leigh Whannell. Forget what you know about the Saw franchise. The first [...]