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News – Hyde is Coming, Are You Ready?

From the creators of 2.8 Hours Later. The world’s first bio-activated maze game. Crystal Maze meets Portal in the real world. You’re taking part in experimental trials of a new drug developed by the Jekyll Corporation. It’s designed to modify the capabilities of the human body, giving you the power to control your environment simply [...]

News – Veteran Games Musician Tim Follin Launches Kickstarter Campaign for a New Game Concept ‘Contradiction’

Veteran games musician Tim Follin has launched a Kickstarter campaign to seek funding for a new game concept called ‘Contradiction.’ The game uses hundreds of short live-action video clips to create a fully interactive crime drama, in which you can move around freely, interrogate characters and trap them into confessions. Tim will also be scoring [...]

News – Silent Hill, 7th Guest, Amnesia and More to be Explored in New Horror gaming Documentary ‘Playing With Fear’

Playing With Fear is a feature-length documentary and web series about horror video games. To celebrate over 30 years of survival horror, UK film-maker Anthony Carpendale is crowdfunding through November to bring feature film and web series Playing With Fear to the screen in 2014. The team have until November 30th to get the word [...]

News – The Incredible Corpse

The Incredible Corpse – a stealth action game in which a zombie battles alien invaders – will be arriving on iOS and Android at the end of November. In the game aliens have invaded Earth and stolen everyone’s brains, turning humanity into zombies. Players must kick alien ass, collect brains and munch on a few [...]

News – Crowdfunding Campaign Launched for Indie Film Preternatural

Goat Man’s Hill just launched an IndieGoGo crowd funding campaign for an ambitious horror feature entitled PRETERNATURAL. The team behind the 2012 indie thriller SICK BOY describes the new project as an unreliable documentary about fairies. “It’s not a found footage film,” says writer / director Tim T. Cunningham. “Nothing against them, but this will [...]

News – Tony Wash’s New Movie The Storm

I first met Tony Wash at a miserable rained out convention in Milwaukee where I got a review copy of “It’s My Party And I’ll Die If I Want To.” A wonderfully creative choose your own adventure movie. He followed that up with “A Chance In Hell” a short zombie film that I would have [...]

News – Alice In Zombieland

This is a project that is being funded over on KickStarter. It is going to be an ebook and a comic series. It sounds interesting and isclose to being funded. It does however need a little push. They are $413 from achieving their goal. If this appeals to you, heck it out and invest a [...]