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Book Review – Project Maigo by Jeremy Robinson

Review by Angela C.: BOSTON IS IN RUINS Jon Hudson, head of the Department of Homeland Security’s Fusion Center – Paranormal division, is haunted by Boston’s destruction at the hands of Nemesis, a three-hundred-foot tall monster with the heart of a murdered little girl, Maigo. In the time since Boston fell and Nemesis retreated to [...]

Infernal Interview – Jeremy Robinson Author of Kronos, Sentinel and The Raven

  Interview by Angela Crawford: Everybody has certain authors they love, for me this list includes Stephen King, Robert McCammon, Jonathan Maberry, and Jeremy Robinson. I have been a rabid fan from the first book I read by him, Kronos. I absolutely have to have any book he writes as soon as it’s released. So [...]

Book Review – Omega by Jeremy Robinson with Kane Gilmour

Review by Angela C.: From the description: Jack Sigler, Callsign: King, field leader for a black ops organization known as Endgame, is accustomed to feeling capable of handling most any situation. It is a confidence forged in the fires of battle against both monsters and madmen. But the introduction of Asya, a sister he never [...]