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Book Review – Draculas by Crouch, Kilborn, Strand, and Wilson

Dracula is easily one of the most well known and respected novels ever written in the horror genre (Frankenstein is right up there, no hate mail please.) So much so that the premier award for written horror fiction is named the Stoker. There is even a descendant of Bram who has written a sequel to [...]

Book Review – Gleefully Macabre Tales by Jeff Strand

Jeff Strand is a gleefully macabre person, so it was no surprise to me seeing his collection entitled “Gleefully Macabre Tales.” Matter of fact, I can imagine him sitting at his keyboard with a maniacal look on his face and a grin that would make the Joker tuck his tail in shame.

News – Wolfhunt by Jeff Strand Available for Pre-Order

The trade paperback edition of Jeff Strand’s Wolfhunt is currently in preorder and will be in stock within one week.