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News – First Image From V/H/S Horror Anthology Sequel S-VHS

I am usually not very impressed by first images from upcoming horror movies. I will usually wait until a trailer is out to decide if I want to check it out. That said, this new image from S-VHS, the sequel to V/H/S is pretty darn creepy, so I figured I would share the bloody pic. [...]

News – The ABCs of Death a Movie Anthology

Alamo Drafthouse Films has come up with a great new idea for a movie. I can’t tell you how excited I am to be reporting on an original idea, it is not a remake, sequel or in 3-D (at least not at this point)! Kudos to you Alamo Drafthouse Films for giving us fans a [...]

News – Red Band Trailer for Hobo With a Shotgun

I have been hearing a lot about the upcoming film Hobo With a Shotgun which started out as a trailer for Tarantino and Rodriquez’s Grindhouse. I am not sure it is actually a horror film, but I think it is worth mentioning because of the apparent great perfromance by Rutger Hauer delivering his own brand [...]