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News – Historical Vampire Interview with James Lyon, Author of Kiss of the Butterfly

For its Halloween evening news broadcast, ABC News sent out a documentary team to track down the first historical vampire, find its grave, and interview its oldest living heir. James Lyon, author of The Kiss of the Butterfly (read my review here) had the privilege of escorting them around and doing quite a bit of [...]

Book Review – Kiss of the Butterfly by James Lyon

I put off reading this book because vampires are usually boring to me with their glam, glitter and romance. Wow, was I in for a wonderful surprise. James Lyon’s vampires are real. In Kiss of the Butterfly the modern day vampire mythos is completely shattered and restructured as a truth, backed by historical fact. Now [...]

News – Kiss of the Butterfly by James Lyon

A new novel from Author James Lyon, Kiss of the Butterfly! Lyon is an American ex-pat with a Ph.D. in Balkan History (UCLA, 1995) who has lived and worked in the former Yugoslavia for over 18 years (Serbia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Croatia, etc). In addition to his work as an historian, editor and political analyst, he [...]