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News – Hideo Nakata’s Ghost Theatre

Japanese horror director Hideo Nakata, best known for terrifying audiences by bringing the vengeful demon Sadako through a television set in the smash-hit movie “Ring”, wants to make a romantic comedy. But the godfather of the “J-horror” genre is not ditching his day job just yet and proves he still has plenty of devilish tricks [...]

News – Anime Horror for Halloween

If you are a fan of anime horror like me, you might enjoy some of these titles for Halloween. Anime horror is often intense and graphic and although animated should be watched by the over 13 crowd! So kick back, bone up on your Japanese, grab a bottle of sake and prepare to be scared [...]

News – Trailer for Sadako 3D

Here is some great J-Horror news especially for Ring (Ringu) fans! Thirteen years after the original Ring movie, Sadako returns to the big screen in 3D! Past the break we have a synopsis and trailer for you!

News – Ishiro Honda’s Godzilla Coming to DVD/Blu-Ray

This is some amazing news for Godzilla fans! The original Godzilla (Gojira) film from 1954 is coming to DVD and Blu-Ray as part of the Criterion Collection! Read on for details, synopsis and the original Godzilla trailer!