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Book Review – Deadlocked by A.R Wise

The great Stanley Kubrick once stated that when it comes to art and originality, everything has already been done and our job is to do it a little bit better. Sadly, few are those who understand this principle, and this usually separates the average writers from the excellent ones.  Take zombie stories for instance:  the [...]

Book Review – The Second Coming (A Horror Short Story) by Hayes Griffin

The linearity of time is the very essence of all human judgment. Think about it. Whenever something happens which requires our judgment, the first thing we ask is: what past information do I have? What evidence can I gather? Is there any similar past occurrence to which I can compare the current predicament?  How did this [...]

Blog – Reviving Horror by J.C. Paris

There are 34,891 horror books on Amazon’s Kindle store. Some of them are big names: Dean Koontz, Stephen King, Ramsey Campbell or Jack Ketchum, but most of them are indie authors whose books languish at the basement of Amazon, hopelessly awaiting the light of day. And that is why I decided to start this project. [...]