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News – Veteran Games Musician Tim Follin Launches Kickstarter Campaign for a New Game Concept ‘Contradiction’

Veteran games musician Tim Follin has launched a Kickstarter campaign to seek funding for a new game concept called ‘Contradiction.’ The game uses hundreds of short live-action video clips to create a fully interactive crime drama, in which you can move around freely, interrogate characters and trap them into confessions. Tim will also be scoring [...]

News – Fearless Dawn: an Animated Comic for the iPad

Asylum Press and Visionborne are collaborating with the use of Airmid technology to produce animated comics for the iPad. Fearless Dawn (a four issue series) will be the first of many titles to be released.

News – Got an iPHONE? You need Zombies!

It’s been a while since we reported anything on Zombies, you know the fun loving, brain eating kind. I just found out a few of them have a new job and it’s working in a Cafe!