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Comic Review – Infestation (Act 2) from IDW

Continuing the Infestation weekly event that IDW launched, Act 2 (as I call it) has been fully released now. Act 2 is G.I. Joe #1 & #2, Ghostbusters #1 &#2 and the conclusion event Infestation #2. Act 1 was the launch event Infestation #1, Transformers #1 & #2 and Star Trek #1 & #2.

Comic Review – Infestation (act 1) from IDW

A few years ago Marvel broke new comic ground with an alternate world series where zombies took over the Marvel universe. Not much of a stretch to say that laid the groundwork for DC’s Blackest Night event. And now IDW tosses it’s hat into the zombie ring (the hat is still sitting atop a freshly [...]