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News – Who wants to see Sherlock Holmes vs Frankenstein?

The date is 1898, eighty years have passed since Mary Shelley published her novel Frankenstein. But the horror rises again, as Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson need to unmask a mad scientist who created a new monster… Could it have something to do with the real Frankenstein family?

News – New Opening Sequence for ‘Megafoot’ the Cyborg Bigfoot on a Blood Soaked Rampage

Remember a while back we told you about MEGAFOOT, a movie about a cyborg Bigfoot on a blood-soaked rampage! Well, the team behind this beast has just released a storyboard preview of MEGAFOOT’s opening sequence which is NSFW! You can check it out past the break and we will give you links to help these [...]

News – Are You Ready for Megafoot?

Do you love the stories about Bigfoot? Do you believe they exist? As you think about these questions, we want to let you know about a movie about a cyborg Bigfoot on a blood-soaked rampage! If that sounds exactly what you would like to see, read past the break. You can help to bring Megafoot [...]

News – Help Andrey Iskanov Fund Indie Film ‘Ingression’

If you do a Google search on something like “Most Disturbing Films Ever” or “100 Most Brutal Films” or “List of Most Extreme Films” you will inevitably find a list that has the film “Philosophy of A Knife” as the Number One film. If not number one, it will surely be in the top 20. [...]

News – Fund a Zombie Movie, Support Charity, Spread the Infection!

  For as low as $5, you can fund a zombie movie with 100% of the proceeds funding charity and get a copy of the movie! Z*Con is feature length film about four teen podcasters trapped at a comic convention when the zombie apocalypse breaks out. They use social media to share what’s going on [...]