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News – Laszlo Illes’ The Basement

As horror lovers we should help support new independant horror, especially if we are really fed up with the Hollywood remakes and unoriginal ideas. If you are looking for a lot of blood and death, hellish freaks, and an abandoned basement that you can’t survive, you need to check out and help support a horrifying [...]

News – Exclusive Clip From Dark Prism

Want to do a good deed for Halloween? Dylan Greenberg is a young female (18y/o) filmmaker that is trying to fund a pretty cool little movie on indiegogo, we just happen to have an exclusive clip for, so check it out past the break. The clip includes a guest appearance by musician Mac DeMarco!

News – Gregory Blair’s Deadly Revisions Available Sept. 29th

Director Gregory Blair’s Deadly Revisions is getting set to release, through SGL Entertainment. The film will be available on Sept. 29th, on DVD, Blu-ray and Video-on-demand. This indie horror film has appeared in dozens of film festivals, including the Fantastic Horror Film Festival. As well, the film has garnered several awards. The film has even [...]

News – Australian Film Observance to Terrorise BFI London Film Festival

Australia’s Sterling Cinema announced overnight their latest feature film OBSERVANCE will be showcasesing its UK Premiere at the glamorous BFI London Film Festival in October as part of the famed ‘Cult series.The Joseph Sims-Dennett directed film had its world premiere at Montreal’s 19th Fantasia International Film Festival in July where it received critical acclaim with [...]

News – Red Headed Revolution Unleashes a Tale of a Tail in Creepy Tailypo Short

The Appalachian cryptozoology folk tale of “The Tailypo” has been brought to life, in a terrifying live action film from director Cameron McCasland. McCasland had been carrying the Tailypo story around for years stating, “The first time I heard this legend I was in elementary school, and my teacher told it to us around Halloween. [...]

News – Blood Riders: The Devil Rides With Us

Are you in the mood for a blood soaked horror comedy adventure? If you are, Blood Riders may just be what you are thirsting for!

News – Indie Horror Crawl Bitch Crawl

Gritty, claustrophobic Independent Horror/Sci-fi film Crawl Bitch Crawl directed by Oklahoma Ward releases a world wide trailer. I love Indie horror, not so sure about the title of this one, as I am female, but the trailer looks good and it appears to crawl into the underbelly of darkness, so check it out past the [...]