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News – New Poster for Indie Horror The Lashman

The Lashman is a tale of Terror. Five friends set out for a weekend camping excursion to find that their camp fire tales have turned into their worst nightmares.

News – New Indie Online Horror ‘The Dead Hour’

WHAT SCARES YOU? DJ Raven wants to know. She hosts The Dead Hour, a weekly radio program devoted to the shadows just beyond the streetlight’s reach, the bumps you hear as you drift off to sleep, the nightmares that wake you up in a cold sweat. She brings these to you, one horrifying tale at [...]

Movie Review – Cannibal Flesh Riot!

Every now and again, Flunky stumbles upon a movie that surprises her and is actually good. Maybe it’s because of her low expectations. Maybe it’s because she had her soul sucked from her body and these less and less often occurring “good” movies give her hope that somewhere out there in this crazy old mixed [...]

Movie Review – Heading Home

Have you ever come into a conversation halfway through? You can easily follow what’s going on, but you can’t help but feel like you missed an important piece of information. That’s what watching this movie was like. Some of it was intentional, which is fine. I don’t mind being confused every now and again, as [...]

Movie Review – Skeleton Man

Remember back when I said “This is the dumbest movie I’ve ever seen,”? Remember that? Well, I take it back. THIS is the dumbest movie I’ve ever seen (not including Phase IV, but we just pretend that never happened). This movie insulted my intelligence. It insulted everyone in the armed forces. No, I take that [...]

Movie Review – The Witches’ Hammer

On the day of her death, a normal woman is transformed into a genetically engineered vampire and trained to kill. She is sent on a mission to stop the Souls of the Damned being unleashed into our dimension.

Movie Review – One of Them

When five friends discover the old Marquez Academy, they have entered a mysterious world of terror, a world where where the line between reality and the supernatural is blurred. In this remote setting, there exists a macabre world of ancient and terrifying rituals, carried out to perpetuate evil and spread it through the living. A [...]

Movie Review – Blood Reaper

So, I was sitting peacefully over here in my Satellite of Love, minding my own business, when I got a call from the mad Dr. Wench and TV’s Jekyll. Apparently, their order of sea monkies had yet to arrive and this put the Wench in a particularily evil mood. This of course lead to this [...]

Movie Review – Ray’s Day

Never in my wildest dreams did I ever expect to be so confused by a movie. EVER. But, Ray’s Day did just that. This short film about a mental patient’s journey back to the site where a car crash caused his mental affliction and the gory wackiness that ensues left me beyond puzzled.