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Movie Review – The Conjuring

Hauntings and demonic possession movies are such a tricky business. Trying to make it scary without being hokey is not an easy task. James Wan is quite adept at rising to the needs of just such a task. To read the full review follow the LINK

Movie Review – Spiral

Spiral has been one of my favorite movies in recent years. If you want all gore and monsters, this isn’t the movie for you, but if you want a good horror film that will keep you on the edge of your seat,  check out this review and then go check out the movie.

Book Review – Monster Hunter International by Larry Correia

It isn’t often that a new series sneaks by me, especially one of this caliber. As a fan of monsters I tend to know when something is coming, and more often than not it’s shit. There are hundreds of Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Horror series out there with one dimensional characters, bad dialogue, and ridiculous “monsters” [...]

Book Review – This Book is Full of Spiders by David Wong

I get a lot of books to review, more than I can possibly read. Choosing what to read from them is always a challenge. I had never heard of David Wong before, but three was a jacket blurb that grabbed my attention in a big way. “David Wong is like a mash-up of Douglas Adams [...]

Book Review – Krampus: The Yule Lord by Brom

Krampus the Yule Lord is a Christmas story the likes of which you have never read before. And is told in a way that will have you craving another novel from this artist turned author. Having been written and illustrated by Brom, that alone creates a world of stunning visuals. While he is primarily known [...]

Book Review – Crooked Hills by Cullen Bunn

Charlie and Alex are forced to accompany their mom to a small town for summer vacation. Kids look forward to the end of school and spending three months playing with their friends without interruption. Instead they find themselves carted off to unfamiliar territory and surrounded by unfamiliar people. But instead of an uneventful and boring [...]

Movie Review – Triangle

I first saw this movie some time ago and hadn’t reviewed it yet for a few reasons. Primary among them was the difficulty in writing ANY level of review without giving spoilers. I am not a fan of spoilers, and do my best not to let them leak out in my reviews (unless a movie [...]

Movie Review – Fright Night (2011)

I have heard a lot of griping and rumbling about remakes lately. Fright Night seems to be taking a rather big hit because of this. And to be honest, I have complained about the remake thing as well. But from the first trailer I saw for Fright Night, I knew this was going to be [...]

Book Review – That’s Not Your Mommy Anymore by Matt Mogk and Aja Wells

The idea of scary kids books really isn’t a new concept. Ever hear of Grimm’s Fairy Tales? The Disneyfied versions we all reared our kids on are pale tamed down versions. The originals were stories meant to frighten kids. Warn them of a witch in the woods that cooks and eats children in order to [...]

Special Event Review – Play Dead

More Than Magic, Greater Than Fear You’ve probably seen magic shows before; some of you may even know the particular thrills of dark magic or have seen one of the greats performing their illusions. But most days now, the huge Vegas auditoriums tend to swallow the subtleties whole and the few remaining sideshows are more [...]