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Little Blog of Horrors – A Bit of Halloween History

Have you ever wonder where or when Halloween originated? It has been celebrated much longer than you think! Halloween had its beginnings in an ancient, pre-Christian Celtic festival of the dead. The Celtic peoples, who were once found all over Europe, divided the year by four major holidays. According to their calendar, the year began [...]

News – New Teaser for American Horror Story: Coven

FX has released the latest trailer for the upcoming season of their hit television show American Horror Story: Coven. The trailer called “Coffin,” features a woman who has been buried alive in a… you guessed it, a coffin. You can check the teaser trailer out for yourself past the break!

News – Trailer for Takashi Shimizu’s 7500

From the director of The Grudge, Takashi Shimizu comes CBS Film’s 7500. Originally due the end of August, it looks like October is going to be the month for its debut. 7500 stars True Blood’s Ryan Kwanten and Amy Smart (Columbus Circle), who play a married couple on board a night flight from Los Angeles [...]

News – The Conjuring Brings Nightmares to Farm’s Occupants

The movie The Conjuring has not only brought terror to the theater, it is causing nightmares for the current owners of the 1730′s farm house in which the hauntings occurred. Previous owners of the home, the Perron family, are the subjects of the movie. According to local newspapers, Norma Sutcliffe does not believe in ghosts [...]

News – New Clips for James Wan’s The Conjuring

It is a bountiful Fourth of July! Movie Clips has posted loads of clips for James Wan’s The Conjuring, the upcoming supernatural story of a family and the hauntings they experienced in their farm house in the 70′s. The Conjuring is based on a true story and we have the creepy, scary clips for you [...]

News – The Third Shift Conspiracy

Ten years ago the CIA deployed a team of three highly skilled soldiers with a top-secret 3D surveillance camera to investigate and disprove paranormal activity at 12 suspected hotspots around the western United States. No one was prepared for what they would deliver – terrifying photographic evidence of real ghosts. Their mission was abruptly terminated [...]

News – Trailer for The Haunting in Connecticut 2: The Ghosts of Georgia

From our friends at Lionsgate, comes the sequel for The Haunting in Connecticut, The Haunting in Connecticut 2: The Ghosts of Georgia. I can’t really figure out why they used the long title and it is confusing! If the ghosts are in Georgia, why is it a haunting in Connecticut? I realize it is a [...]

News – Ghost Hunters International New Season Premiere January 5th

Many ghost hunters and paranormal investigators across the United States (and other countries) live their dreams of investigating foreign and exotic places through the eyes of the SyFy Channel’s Ghost Hunters International team.  What better way to sample some of the most haunted locations found around the world!

TV Review – Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files

Oh boy, a chance to look at alleged supernatural occurrences caught on tape with a scientific eye! EEH wrong. You see, therein lies the problem with this show. It’s a good idea on paper, but in practice it falls flat. Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files revolutionizes paranormal programming by investigating the evidence witnesses post on [...]

TV Review – Ghost Hunters International

A spin-off of SCI FI’s Ghost Hunters series, Ghost Hunters International features a squad of paranormal investigators who use their principles of scientific techniques, to explore some of the most legendary haunted spots around the world. Each week the team travels to the far corners of the globe, searching for answers to bizarre supernatural mysteries.