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News – Edmond Hamilton’s Newly Discovered Final Star Kings Novel – From Futures Past Editions

Edmond Hamilton’s The Star Kings (first published in Amazing Stories in 1949) is one of the jewels in the crown of early space opera, rivaled only by E. E. Smith’s Lensmen Series and Jack Williamson’s Legion of Space Saga. In 1966, in response to continuing reader demand, Hamilton penned a sequel titled Return of the [...]

News – 16 Free E-Books from Futures Past Editions

A pioneer publisher of classic and contemporary science fiction, fantasy and horror in ebook and paperback since 1998, Futures Past Editions launches a new and improved website: . To celebrate, Futures Past Editions is making 16 full-length ebooks available in Kindle and ePub format! Check past the break to find out how to get [...]