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3D Addendum – Fright Night take two

I wanted to see Fright Night in 3D after being unable to see it that way the first time. I don’t normally see anything in a theater twice. I don’t have the time or money. But I grabbed a friend and we donned our “shades”, split a bag of popcorn and enjoyed. (hmmm, didn’t actually [...]

Movie Review – Fright Night (2011)

I have heard a lot of griping and rumbling about remakes lately. Fright Night seems to be taking a rather big hit because of this. And to be honest, I have complained about the remake thing as well. But from the first trailer I saw for Fright Night, I knew this was going to be [...]

News – Sneak Peek at Fright Night Remake

MTV is  holding a  Sneak Peek Week in preparation for their 2011 MTV awards. They have so kindly released  an exclusive  sneak peek clip for Fright Night 3D featuring bad boy Colin Farrell giving a reality check to leading man Anton Yelchin, and we have it for you to check out!

News – Fright Night Remake Images

Here is yet another Remake in 3-D, Fright Night! Two new images have hit the web one which features David Tennant as the Vampire hunting illusionist Peter Vincent, read on to check them out!