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News – Friday the 13th: The Complete Collection (BD) Blu-ray Available to Pre-Order

Friday the 13th: The Complete Collection (BD) Blu-ray is available for pre-order with shipment on 9/13/2013. Check out the details past the break!

News – Crystal Lake Memories: The Complete History of Friday the 13th

Last Friday was the 13th and I stayed in bed all day as I do every Friday the 13th, so I am a little late in getting this out to you. Since I survived the day without incident, here it is: Sparkplug Press, a premiere publisher of high-quality, non-fiction books on the horror genre, has [...]

News – Freddy vs. Jason Rematch

Halloween is my favorite time of the year and it just wouldn’t seem right without an appearance of my two favorite villains, Freddy and Jason. BeatDownBoogie must have known as they have created a fun four minute video giving us a rematch of these two iconic horror villains.

News – Is this the End for Jason and Freddy?

The slasher duo from Friday The 13th and Nightmare on Elm Street have been off the radar lately while their fans (myself included) have been hoping for some positive news in the remake department.  Platinum Dunes producer Brad Fuller recently used his Twitter account to update potential sequels for both Nightmare On Elm Street & [...]

Comic Review – Friday the 13th Pamela’s Tale

When the initial onslaught of syndicated horror movie icons hit the comic shelves I was over joyed. I couldn’t believe that I was going to get Jason, Leatherface and Freddy in new stories without having to worry about budgets and years of waiting. There had been Freddy comics in the past and they were pretty [...]